2024 Capital Awards Program Student Entry

Students who were enrolled in a post-secondary communications or design program in the last calendar year are eligible to enter. Entries must be from a project completed within the school year and the student (or group of students) must have had a leadership role in the project. The project does not need to have been implemented, but will be judged for sound communications planning and implementation strategies.

Each entry is judged on a 7-point scale and is judged twice (the final score is averaged between the two).

In the event of a discrepancy of more than 3 points between the two judgings, a third judging will be completed and the final score will be an average between all three.

Award of Merit: Entries with a score between 5.0 and 5.24

Award of Excellence: Entries with a score of 5.25 and above

Once your entry is submitted, it cannot be edited or altered. Please ensure all your information is accurate and that you upload the appropriate files, as required.

Student Entry Information
Characters left: 40

Please ensure the photo uploaded is relevant and appropriate for the purpose of your and/or team recognition.

Contact Information
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Please e-mail capitalawards@iabcedmonton.com referencing the IABC Edmonton Capital Awards.

Technical assistance? Please e-mail +Republic referencing the IABC Edmonton Capital Awards.